Selecting of vaporizer in LNG regasification plant
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1Project Manager, oil & Gas Deputy, Monenco Iran Company
2Oil&Gas Refineries Department Manager
During last years, LNG industry has been expanding across the world. Due to the high demand for energy and natural gas, LNG plants and regasification units have been implemented or are constructing in the world. This paper presents an overview of the LNG process, gas liquefaction, loading, transportation and regasification.
Liquefied natural gas is stored in tanks. In the regassification process, the liquefied natural gas must be condensed in order to prevent flaring and venting of the boil-off gas. Then, the condensed gas is sent to the vaporizer to be re-gasified after heating. The main types of evaporators used in the LNG industry include: Open Rack Vaporizers (ORV), Submerged Combustion Vaporizers (SCV), Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers (IFV), Ambient Air Vaporizers (AAV), Shell and tube type (STV), Hot water bath type.
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