Measurement of radionuclides transport parameters for soil samples from Naeen radioactive waste disposal site
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1Energy engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Energy Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Ira
The selection of appropriate transport parameters of radionuclides is of utmost importance in safety assessment of radioactive waste disposal site. The safety assessment of waste disposal requires the measurement of transport parameters of radioactive nuclides in the soil around the disposal site. In this paper, the transport parameters of cobalt nucleus in the Naeein disposal soil were measured using two static (batch) and dynamic (column experiment) methods. In the static method, the distribution coefficient was determined by performing batch adsorption experiments, and then the retardation factor for the soil disposal was calculated. In dynamic method, first, The Breakthough curve for cobalt was determined experimentally. Then, by fitting a curve to the experimental data (using STANMOD software), the distribution coefficient parameters and the retardation factor for cobalt were extracted. The distribution coefficient ( ) and retardation factor (R) for cobalt were 12.39 lit / kg and 58 respectively.
By comparing these results with the results obtained from the static method (20 lit / kg for and 93 for R), it was concluded that there is a nearly two times difference between the results obtained by static and dynamic measurement methods.
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