A Novel Method for Simulate the Drilling Fluid Filtration Under Dynamic Conditions
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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology
Efficient fluid filtration could lead to formation damage reduction and the stuck pipe minimization in over-balanced operations. Filtration volume depends not only on the rheological properties of the drilling fluid but also on the static or dynamic conditions of mud in the hole. In static conditions, the mud cake formed on wellbore increases and filtrate volume decreases continuously with time. However, at the real condition in well, due to mudflow circulation, the mud cake deposited on wellbore will be eroded and the volume of filtrate loss in near-wellbore could be increased. In this study, a novel method for measuring and modeling the filtration phenomenon under dynamic conditions has been conducted. A filtration cell using an agitating system that can be measuring the rheological changes of drilling fluid due to the loss of the base fluid of drilling mud has been developed. Afterward, in order to model the wall shear stress on the mud cake face, a CFD simulation was performed. The results show that this method is useful and operational for modeling of mud filtration under dynamic conditions.
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