Microfluidic-Assisted Fabrication of the Optimized Nanoparticles Based on Carboxymethyl Chitosan Containing Metformin Hydrochloride
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1Nano-Biopolymers Research Laboratory, Department of Polymer, School of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2Laboratory of Bio-Analysis, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB), University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
The aim of this work was to provide a microfluidic (MF)-assisted fabrication of nanoparticles (NPs) based on carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS) containing metformin hydrochloride (MET) as a drug model. These samples were prepared by nanoprecipitation method and were crosslinked via calcium chloride (CaCl2) followed by characterizing their functionality, particle size and size distribution, morphology and zeta potential as well as the drug release. The optimized CMCS NPs sample showed a mean diameter of 87±9 nm and polydispersity index of 0.1 at the flow rate ratio of polymer to non-solvent phases of 0.06 through the MF chip. Afterward, the zeta potential value of the sample was obtained to be about -21 mV demonstrated a great colloidal stability. Finally, the sustained release profile of MET loaded into NPs was studied at different pH environments simulated with gastrointestinal conditions. The results revealed that the MF-based CMCS NPs enabled to control the drug release with the amounts of approximately 10% and 83% in the acidic and neutral pHs, respectively. The preliminary results clearly suggested that the prepared NPs might have a high potential to be used as drug carrier for delivery of oral MET.
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