Cobalt doped TiO2 nanosheets: an efficient visible-light-driven photocatalyst for degradation of Tetracycline antibiotic
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Faculty of Fouman, College of Engineering, University of Tehran
TiO2 nanosheets (TNs) and cobalt doped TiO2 nanosheets (Co-TNs) were prepared by one-pot hydrothermal method. The synthesized samples were identified by various analyses including PXRD, FESEM/EDX, elemental mapping, DRS and Raman spectroscopy.
The synthesized samples were used to remove of antibiotic tetracycline (TC) under visible and UV irradiation. In the presence of 100 mg TNs and Co-TNs, the percentage removal of 100 mLTC (30 mg/L) after 180 minutes of visible light irradiation was 36% and 60%, respectively and it was 77% and 68% respectively after 140 minutes of UV irradiation. Co-TNs exhibited the higher photocatalytic activity due to faster electron-hole separation and extend the absorption spectrum of TiO2 into visible region by cobalt dopant.
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