# Paper ID Paper Title Authors Status
1 1533-ICHEC A Co-based metal-organic framework for adsorptive desulfurization of dibenzothiophene Azam Akbari, Mitra Jafari Nasab, mohammadreza Omidkhah, Mozaffar Shakeri Conditional Accept (Poster)
2 1488-ICHEC A comparative study on catalytic oxidative desulfurization of diesel over Mo on mesoporous materials of Al and Si Azam Akbari, Bita Mokhtari, mohammadreza Omidkhah Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
3 1272-ICHEC Agar assisted synthesis of copper oxide for photocatalytic oxidation of Tetracycline in wastewater Fatemeh Abedi, Somaiyeh Allahyari, Somaiyeh Ebrahimzade, Nader Rahemi Conditional Accept (Poster)
4 1058-ICHEC A Kinetics Study of Methanol Dehydration to Dimethyl Ether and Catalyst Deactivation over γ-Al2O3 Parisa Moghimpour Bijani, Saeed Sahebdelfar, Fereydoon Yaripour Conditional Accept (Poster)
5 1226-ICHEC A lumped reaction kinetic model developed for conversion of methanol to gasoline upon an HZSM-5 catalyst Amir Salar Abdulghaffari, Mohammad Kazemeini Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
6 1714-ICHEC A Molecular Dynamics Study on Aqueous Solutions Behaviour in Confined Regions Nahid Pour Khiabani , Alireza Bahramian, Peyman Pourafshari, Majid Soltani, Pu Chen, William Andrew Goddard, Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
7 1064-ICHEC A Nanostructured Novel (BiOCOOH)0.75(Bi2MoO6)0.25 Photocatalyst For Simultaneous Photodegradation of Contaminants in Solar Spectrum Mahdiyeh Mohammadzadeh, Mohammad Haghighi, Maryam Shabani Conditional Accept (Poster)
8 1433-ICHEC An empirical study on flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of R-134a in a tube with novel inclined grooves Alireza Hojati, Mohammadali Akhavan, Pedram Hanafizadeh Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
9 1737-ICHEC A novel high surface area asphaltene-derived nanoporous nitrogen-doped carbon with a unique structure for CO2 adsorption hanieh asvadi, alimorad rashidi, Amir Heydarinasab, Saeed Askari Conditional Accept (Poster)
10 1178-ICHEC Bubble Induced Entrainment Between Stratified Liquids- Visual Description of Bubble Size Effect on Interfacial Phenomena Abdolaziz Edrisi, Mostafa Salehi, Bahram Dabir, Mitra Dadvar Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
11 1330-ICHEC Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis products using Re-Sn/ZSM-5 Shahin Shahsavari, Seyed Mojtaba Sadrameli, Seyed Amir Hossein Seyed Mousavi Conditional Accept (Poster)
12 1424-ICHEC CFD simulation of wall to fluid heat transfer coefficient in trickle bed reactors with cylindrical trilobe packing Parisa Shamlou, Amir Heidari Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
13 1294-ICHEC Classic study of the effect of sasobit on thermal sensitivity and rotational viscosity of bitumen used in road construction Atefeh Mahdizadeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
14 1816-ICHEC Comparison between Countercurrent and Cocurrent streams in TBR for Hydrotreating of Gas Oil Habib Alebrahim dehkordi, Hosein Eshghanmalek Conditional Accept (Poster)
15 1073-ICHEC CO oxidation over MOFs and thermal treated MOFs Javad Karimi-Sabet, fateme Abbasi, cyrus ghotbi Conditional Accept (Poster)
16 1680-ICHEC Crystal Structure of a Co-crystalline Compound from of 2-Aminopyrimidine and Pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid shahrzad mohseni maybody, masoumeh Tabatabee, Pariya bazyari Conditional Accept (Poster)
17 1107-ICHEC Curing of Epoxy/UFNBRP Nano Composites Using Calorimetric Method MohammadReza Kalaee, Mohammad Hossein Karami karami Conditional Accept (Poster)
18 1572-ICHEC DC Electrical Resistance of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Nanocomposite Films niloofar bakhtiarinasr, ahmad reza bahramian Conditional Accept (Poster)
19 1392-ICHEC Design and fabrication of a microreactor applicable in catalytic experiments Mohammad Kazemeini, Vahid Hosseinpour Conditional Accept (Poster)
20 1743-ICHEC Determination of lignocellulosic compounds obtained from pepper (Capsicum annuum) Mojtaba Koosha, hossein kermanian, moslem haghi, ali partovinia, zahra razmpour Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
21 1549-ICHEC Determination of Surfactant Parameter for Demulsifying the Water-Gasoline Emulsion Based on HLD Concept Fatemeh Eslami, Hasan Ghasemi, Fatemeh Rahimi shahijan, Ramin Karimzadeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
22 1708-ICHEC Direct Oxidation of Propylene to Acrylic Acid over a modified MoVTeNbO Catalyst Prepared by Slurry Method Hosein Khosravi, Azam Akbari, mohammadreza Omidkhah Conditional Accept (Poster)
23 1746-ICHEC Direct synthesis of CVD-graphene membrane on porous Matrimide for gas separation applications maryam mirzaei, Javad Karimi-Sabet, Jafar Towfighi Darian, Sepehr Nikkhoo Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
24 1779-ICHEC Dissociation Enthalpy of Carbon dioxide + TBAC Semiclathrate Hydrate ابوالفضل محمدی Conditional Accept (Poster)
25 1372-ICHEC Dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated using a coordination complex with phosphoramide ligands Saba Mahmoodpour, Vahid Hoseinpour, Zahra Shariatinia Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
26 1249-ICHEC Effect of addition of nano cerium oxide and nano gamma alumina to waste cooking oil biodiesel on the emission of an industrial boiler omid Bahadorizadeh, shahin shahnazari, Mohammad amin Sobati Conditional Accept (Poster)
27 1637-ICHEC Effect of Addition of ZnO Nanoparticles on The Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Amir Molaei, Amir Mosayebi Conditional Accept (Poster)
28 1454-ICHEC Effect of base fluid on pool boiling of silica nanofluids and variation of surface roughness Saeid Heidary Doost, Nasrin Etesami, Mohsen Nasr Esfahany Conditional Accept (Poster)
29 1295-ICHEC Effect of cross-Linker types on properties of cross-linked poly (acrylic acid) as the superabsorbent Mohsen Hajikhani, Maryam Moradi, Mohsen Shahrousvand, Jamshid Mohammadiroshandeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
30 1814-ICHEC Effect of nano Silica as Nano-Inhibitor in the presence of CDEA Surfactant on the Prevention of Asphaltene Precipitation Arezou jafari, Reza Gharibshahi, Ali Shadervan, امیرحسین سعیدی دهاقانی Conditional Accept (Poster)
31 1464-ICHEC Effect of needle-to-collector distance on the diameter of fibers obtained by electrospinning method navid m famili, khadijeh bahaghighat Conditional Accept (Poster)
32 1641-ICHEC Effect of phase velocity and surface tension on droplet formation in flow-focusing device Foruzan Rostami, Mohammad Rahmani, Vahid Delavari Conditional Accept (Poster)
33 1341-ICHEC Effect of Preparation Method of CuFe2O4 Catalysts on Methane Conversion in Catalytic Combustion Arash Shafaei, Abdullah irankhah Conditional Accept (Poster)
34 1560-ICHEC Effect of steam addition to dry reforming of glycerol over the nanocrystalline 10Ni/ Al2O3-La2O3 catalyst Mohadeseh Golestani, فرشته مشکانی Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
35 1233-ICHEC Effect of temperature and humidity on carbon dioxide absorption rate in respiratory regeneration tablets Asma Chegeni, Valiollah babaeipour, Manoochehr Fathollahi, Seyed Ghorban Hosseini Conditional Accept (Poster)
36 1286-ICHEC Effect of temperature on isopropyl acetate production reaction using cross linked SPEK/ PVA-silica nanocomposite membrane Robab Shaghaghian, Elham Ameri, Seyedehzahra Abbasi Conditional Accept (Poster)
37 1332-ICHEC Effect of vapor induced phase separation parameters in controlling the morphology of polyethersulfone microfiltration membrane Saba Baranlouie, Abdolreza Aroujalian, پریسا سلیمی Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
38 1628-ICHEC Effect of viscosity and density ratio on droplet formation in flow-focusing devices Foruzan Rostami, Mohammad Rahmani, Vahid Delavari Conditional Accept (Poster)
39 1180-ICHEC Effects of mass transfer mechanisms on the kinetics of water uptake by Henna powder Mohammadmahdi Kamyabi, Khashayar Saleh, Rahmat Sotoudeh Gharebagh, Reza Zarghami Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
40 1799-ICHEC Effects of Various Biomass Materials on LHV and Composition of Produced Syngas in a Downdraft Gasifier Zahra Safaei, Roshanak Zolanvari, Hadi - Adloo, Hamed Sarhadi, Saeed khoramdel, Amirhossein gharagheh Conditional Accept (Poster)
41 1382-ICHEC Encapsulation of a coconut oil-based alkyd resin into styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) shell via coaxial electrospray method for self-healing purposes roya malekkhouyan, Saied Nouri Khorasani, rasoul esmaeely neisiany Conditional Accept (Poster)
42 1278-ICHEC Enhanced CO2 separation through polyurethane membrane substituted by octadecylamine side chain Afsaneh Fakhar, Morteza Sadeghi, Mohammad Dinari, Rob Lammertink Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
43 1647-ICHEC Enhancement of antifouling and hydrodynamic permeability properties of polyethersulfone membranes using polydopamine as an additive Parisa Salimi, Abdolreza Aroujalian, Davood Iranshahi Conditional Accept (Poster)
44 1790-ICHEC Enhancement of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Graphitic Carbon Nitride: Evaluation of Structure and Properties Zahra Moghimifar, farshad yazdani Conditional Accept (Poster)
45 1804-ICHEC Ethanol Production from Whey Using Kluyveromyces marxianus Saeed Vafayirad, maryam khavarpoor, mehri esfahanian Conditional Accept (Poster)
46 1248-ICHEC Examination of KNO3/diatomite FSCPCM analysis in spherical and plate shape at an optimum percentage sajad soleimanpour, Seyed Mojtaba sadrameli, yulong Ding, seyed amirhossein seyed mousavi Conditional Accept (Poster)
47 1378-ICHEC Experimental & Simulation Investigation of gas-solid Tapered Fluidized Beds kiana sarafan, Asghar Molaei Dehkordi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
48 1391-ICHEC Experimental Investigation of Alumina-Water Nanofluid in Solar Evacuated Tube Collector SEYED AMIR HOSSEIN ZAMZAMIAN, Mohsen Mansouri Conditional Accept (Poster)
49 1817-ICHEC Experimental Investigation of Viscosity of Cu- Transformer Oil Nanofluids SEYED AMIR HOSSEIN ZAMZAMIAN Conditional Accept (Poster)
50 1802-ICHEC Experimental study of effect of salinity variation on dynamic interfacial properties in pure calcite/crude oil/brine system Hamed Farhadi, Mohammad Rakhodaei, Mehrshad Naserian, Shahab Ayatollahi, Mobeen Fatemi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
51 1200-ICHEC Experimental Study of Heat Transfer of Pool Boiling on Grooved Surfaces Farhad Shahraki, Samaneh Hamzeh Khani Conditional Accept (Poster)
52 1275-ICHEC Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production by Gasification of Poplar Wood Residues in Subcritical/Supercritical Water Condition Omid Tavakoli, Ali Karimi, Reza Khorsani, Azadeh Ebrahimian Pirbazari Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
53 1734-ICHEC Fabrication and Application of Nanobeads for Heavy metal ions removal Erfan Tooraji, Hamid Najarzadekan, Ali Sharif, Farzaneh Shemirani Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
54 1749-ICHEC Fabrication of cost-effective electrocatalyst for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction Saeedeh Golrokhifar, Sajjad Habibzadeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
55 1613-ICHEC Fabrication of novel polyethylene glycol/polyvinylidene fluoride Nanofibers/spheres composite via electrospinning hosna soleymani, Mohammad Mahdi Abolhasani, sara azimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
56 1130-ICHEC First Report on one-stage fabricating Hollow Fiber polyurethane Inclusion Membrane Reza Darvishi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
57 1400-ICHEC Friedel–Crafts Acylation of Aromtic Compounds with Acetic Anhydride over Al-SBA-15 Ali Shirzadeh Zarnagh, Mozaffar Shakeri Conditional Accept (Poster)
58 1675-ICHEC Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts of Fig leaves Nastaran Helmi, Omid Ahmadi, Hamideh Vaghari, Shahin Nasiri, Samira Khanjani, Zahra Sayyar, Hoda Jafarizadeh-Malmiri Conditional Accept (Poster)
59 1674-ICHEC Heat transfer Enhancement by Ultrasound Waves in an Experimental Heat exchanger Ali Salimi, Masoud Rahimi, Sajjad Rasam, Negar Amini, Sogol Pakseresht, Mostafa keshavarz Moraveji Conditional Accept (Poster)
60 1750-ICHEC Heterogeneous modeling of continuous production of biodiesel in a Fixed-bed reactor sajad omranpour, Ali Kagari, Afsanehsadat Larimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
61 1643-ICHEC High efficiency Fenton-based degradation of antibiotics under visible light by combustion synthesized Bismuth ferrite nanoparticles ماجده قیطان زاده, Sajjad Habibzadeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
62 1532-ICHEC Highly Efficient Solar Steam Generation Using Carbon based Absorber sogol karami, Farzaneh Arabpour, Mojtaba Sadrameli, vahid Ahmadi Conditional Accept (Poster)
63 1312-ICHEC Hydrogen Production from Photocatalytic Water splitting in Optofluidic Microreactors Reza Baghery, سید رضا شعبانیان, javad ahmadpour, محسن قربانی Conditional Accept (Poster)
64 1502-ICHEC Hydrophobicity of Sandstone Rock Surface by Nanofluids Mohammad Amin Rashidi, Rahmatallah Saboori, عظیم کلانتری اصل Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
65 1624-ICHEC Hyperperelastic modeling of the mechanical behavior of NR foams Sahar Shojaei, Elnaz Esmizadeh, Bita Khanghahi, Elham Shokri, Ali Vahidifar, Pouya Gharibi Conditional Accept (Poster)
66 1271-ICHEC Impact of phase separation of polymeric proton exchange membranes on gas permeability for the fuel cell application Seyed Hesam Mirfarsi, Soosan Rowshanzamir, Mohammad Javad Parnian, Safa Behrouzifar Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
67 1603-ICHEC Influence of Alcohols on the Post-treatment of Polyethersulfone Membranes, for Prevention of Collapsing Phenomenon Mahsa Talebi, Mohammad Vahedi, Jalal Barzin Conditional Accept (Poster)
68 1321-ICHEC Influence of auxiliary fuel on the properties of alkaline mixed metal oxide catalyst fabricated by combustion method for biodiesel production Hamed Nayebzadeh, Behgam Rahmanivahid Conditional Accept (Poster)
69 1240-ICHEC Influence of the preparation methods on the activity and stability of the Ni based catalysts for methane dry reforming Ehsan Akbari, Seyed Mehdi Alavi, Mehran Rezaei Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
70 1812-ICHEC Integration of Dry and Steam Reforming for Syngas Production Ani Karamian, Mohamad Reza Jafari Nasr Conditional Accept (Poster)
71 1758-ICHEC Interfacial property of the oil-brine system in the presence of asphaltene: Effect of ionic strength and asphaltene concentration Amir Mohammadi, Mohammad Simjoo, Mohammad Chahardowli, Mohammad Sadegh Mousapour Conditional Accept (Poster)
72 1033-ICHEC Investigating the Photoelectrochemical Performance of WO3-TiO2 Nanorod Photoanodes in Water Splitting Armin Hariri, Neda Gilani, Javad Vahabzadeh Pasikhani Conditional Accept (Poster)
73 1342-ICHEC Investigation of cobalt promoted Fe/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in catalytic combustion of methane process Abdullah irankhah, Melika Kasiri, Reza Mahdi, Yegane Davoodbeygi Conditional Accept (Poster)
74 1202-ICHEC Investigation of Crude Oil Conversion Rate in the In-situ Catalytic Upgrading Process Hadi Seyyedbagheri, sepideh shamshiri, behrooz mirzaee Conditional Accept (Poster)
75 1787-ICHEC Investigation of hydrogen bonding effects by Molecular Dynamics simulation Ali Siamian Gorji, Zahra Mansourpour, Mahdieh Yavari Conditional Accept (Poster)
76 1193-ICHEC Investigation of mesh size effect and its efficiency on the composite of stearic acid/kaolin used as a phase change material Mahdi Jafaripour, Seyed Mojtaba Sadrameli, seyed amirhossein seyed mousavi, Hasan Pahlavanzadeh, Zahra Atlasbaf Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
77 1256-ICHEC Investigation of polymeric adsorbents for heavy metals removing-A short review Parastoo Najafi, morteza faghihi, Mohammad Zabihi Conditional Accept (Poster)
78 1160-ICHEC Investigation of the Behaviour of Mn doped CeO2 Catalyst for Ethanol Steam Reforming Reaction Soheila Sohrabi, Abdullah irankhah Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
79 1280-ICHEC Investigation on Thermal Properties Enhancement of PEG/CNT Composites as PCM for Thermal Energy Storage Ashkan Karami, Morteza Ebrahimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
80 1669-ICHEC Investigation the role of diuron as a curing agent in epoxy/DICY prepreg sogand jafary, mehrzad mortezaei, amirreza pouladvand, hoseyen jafary Conditional Accept (Poster)
81 1012-ICHEC Investigation the Solubility of Anthraquinone Violet 3RN in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Mitra Amani Conditional Accept (Poster)
82 1449-ICHEC Kinetic Modeling of Acetaldehyde Removal from Air by N -F co-doped TiO2 in a Spouted Bed Photocatalytic Reactor Hadi Mansoubi, Shohreh Fatemi, Zahra Mansourpour, Ehsan Vahizadeh Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
83 1065-ICHEC Magnesium Hydroxystannate Nanophotocatalyst and its Photo-Activity Evaluation in Organic Pollutants Degradation Hessam Addin Nadernia, Mohammad Haghighi, Maryam Shabani Conditional Accept (Poster)
84 1120-ICHEC Mathematical modeling of closed cooling tower and investigation of the effect of important operating parameters on tower performance Mohammad Reza Talaghat, Mohammad Firooz Conditional Accept (Poster)
85 1284-ICHEC Methanol conversion to light olefins (MTO) in the presence of synthesized Nano SAPO-34 and FeAPSO-34 Zeolites Mohammad Ghadiri, Khadijeh Mirza, Mohammad Haghighi, Arash Afghan Conditional Accept (Poster)
86 1579-ICHEC Methanol to Propylene (MTP) Process Modeling and Calculation of Effectiveness Parameters Seyed Hadi Alaei, Farhad Khorashe, Mohamad Reza Jafari Nasr, mahdi ardjmand Conditional Accept (Poster)
87 1337-ICHEC Microfluidic-Assisted Fabrication of the Optimized Nanoparticles Based on Carboxymethyl Chitosan Containing Metformin Hydrochloride Atefe Sadeghi, payam zahedi, Alireza Khatibi, Hedayatollah Ghourchian Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
88 1820-ICHEC Mirarefin test Maryam Mirarefin Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
89 1777-ICHEC Modeling of ammonia three bed synthesis reactor Amin Nikzad, Davood Iranshahi Conditional Accept (Poster)
90 1227-ICHEC Modelling and simulation of turbo-expander instead of pressure reducing valve for high pressure natural gas lines to supply clean electricity; applying Matlab, Hysys and Ansys-Fluent saeideh bagheri, Mohammad Zabihi, Reza Alizadeh, Benamin MohammadKhani Conditional Accept (Poster)
91 1525-ICHEC Modification of thin film composite forward osmosis membrane by sulfonation of polyethersulfone substrate saina akbari, Majid Peyravi, Mohsen jahanshahi Conditional Accept (Poster)
92 1122-ICHEC Morphology, size distribution and release behavior of microfluidic-fabricated cellulose acetate nanoparticles containing omeprazole Alireza Khatibi, payam zahedi, Atefe Sadeghi, Hedayatollah Ghourchian Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
93 1524-ICHEC N-doped TiO2 nanoparticles as a photocatalyst for photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization kaveh kalantari Conditional Accept (Poster)
94 1677-ICHEC Novel methods (microwave and ultrasound) for green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles using garlic aqueous extract Leila Mirzakhani, Omid Ahmadi, Hamideh Vaghari, Shahin Nasiri, Samira Khanjani, Zahra Sayyar, Hoda Jafarizadeh-Malmiri Conditional Accept (Poster)
95 1110-ICHEC Numerical simulation of hydrophobicity effect on microchannel walls in droplet formation ahmad alavimanesh, Mohammad Rahmani, Arash Gheidi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
96 1220-ICHEC One-step preparation of binder-free carbon composite film as an electrode material for pseusocapacitors Sajjad Habibzadeh, Ehsan Delfani, Alireza Khodabakhshi Conditional Accept (Poster)
97 1201-ICHEC Parametric Study in Catalytic Production of Ethylene Oxide through Ag-Cs/Al2O3 Catalyst shiva darake, Reza Golhosseini, Alireza Mohammadrezaei, Morteza Asghari Conditional Accept (Poster)
98 1418-ICHEC particle separation based on size in a spiral microfluidic device Mohsen Nasr Esfahany, mina reshtebar Conditional Accept (Poster)
99 1190-ICHEC Pervaporation characteristics of PEBX-2533 membrane for separation of dimethyl sulfoxide from aqueous solutions Hadi Ali Moradi, Alireza Azadi, Elham Ameri Conditional Accept (Poster)
100 1296-ICHEC Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant by SnO2 nanoparticles in aqueous solution zahra Abdollahi jubeni, Seyed Siamak Ashraf Talesh Conditional Accept (Poster)
101 1084-ICHEC Photo-Decomposition of Antibiotic Pollutant over Bismuth Subcarbonate under Simulated Solar Light Amin Sokhan Sanj, Mohammad Haghighi, Maryam Shabani Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
102 1722-ICHEC Physical and Thremal Behavior of The Urea Formaldehyde Adhesive Synthesized by Different Catalysts; Investigation of the Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Peyman Pouresmaeel Selakjani, Ali Dorieh Conditional Accept (Poster)
103 1050-ICHEC Prediction of Ice Formation Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method Mohammadmahdi Kamyabi Conditional Accept (Poster)
104 1405-ICHEC Prediction the PEM Fuel Cell Performance Based on Cathod Properties using Neural Network Modeling Nafiseh Farhadian, Nahid Gholami, elham yasari Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
105 1022-ICHEC Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Microencapsulation Process of Modified-Phase Change Material Ahmad Reza Bahramian, Hediyeh Nikpourian Conditional Accept (Poster)
106 1139-ICHEC Preparation and Characterization of Phase Change Materials Microcapsules for Thermal Energy Storage Atiyeh Adelinia, Morteza Ebrahimi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
107 1355-ICHEC Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites atefeh niknezhad, Nima Nabian, Mohammad Soleimani Lashkenari, Mohsen Ghorbai Conditional Accept (Poster)
108 1156-ICHEC Preparation and Characterization of Thallium Lead Iodide Perovskite Nanostructures for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Maryam Karami, Mojgan Ghanbari, Masoud Salavati-Niasari Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
109 1331-ICHEC Preparation and evaluation of plasticized chitosan (CS) films by different amounts of glycerol (Gly) seyed mohammad mohammadi sadati, Narges Shahgholian-Ghahfarrokhi, Jamshid Mohammadiroshandeh, Mohsen Shahrousvand Conditional Accept (Poster)
110 1526-ICHEC Preparation and Evaluation of Polyvinyl chlorid composite membrane fabricated on a nonwoven fabric Ali Akbari, فاطمه ذاکری, سبا اعتمادی فر, سیدمجید عبدلی Conditional Accept (Poster)
111 1270-ICHEC Preparation and evaluation of sulfonated polysulfone-TiO2 nanocomposite membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications Safa Behrouzifar, Mohammad Javad Parnian, Soosan Rowshanzamir Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
112 1279-ICHEC Preparation and properties characterization of alumina nanocomposites based on natural polymer matrix Mehdi Hatami, Morteza Madadi Asl, Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Manzar Mahmoudian, Zohreh Seyfi Najaf Abadi Conditional Accept (Poster)
113 1046-ICHEC Preparation, Characterization and Thermal Properties of Nanoencapsulated Phase Change Material ahmad reza bahramian, Hediyeh Nikpourian Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
114 1649-ICHEC Preparation of PVC/PLA ultrafiltration membrane with enhanced structural properties Bita Khanghahi, Elham Shokri, حبیب اعتمادی مهرنجانی, Sahar Shojaei, الناز اسمی زاده Conditional Accept (Poster)
115 1471-ICHEC Preparation of stable water in water pickering emulsions by nanostructured protein-PEG conjugates Mohsen ashjari, Sareh Kheirieh Conditional Accept (Poster)
116 1704-ICHEC Reactor performance study of MIL-88 catalyst in alkylation of Benzene by Ethanol hoda sameri, Mohammad Rahmani, Ehsan Rahmani Conditional Accept (Poster)
117 1059-ICHEC rGO(2%)-Modified BimOnClz Architecture as Mesostructure Photocatalyst: Excellent Solar-Light-Driven Elimination of Dyed Contaminants Maryam Shabani, Mohammad Haghighi, Amir Haghighi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
118 1268-ICHEC Secondary current distribution of chlor-alkali electrolyser with two-phase flow approach Farshad Nouri, Sajjad Habibzadeh Conditional Accept (Poster)
119 1149-ICHEC Separation of Microparticles Using Dielectrophoresis-Assisted Inertial Microfluidics: A Lattice Boltzmann Simulation hossein sorouramini, Aliasghar Mohammadi Conditional Accept (Poster)
120 1155-ICHEC Separation of plasma from blood using a dielectrophoresis-assisted microfluidic device: a computational fluid dynamics study Aliasghar Mohammadi, Mehran Shams Conditional Accept (Poster)
121 1616-ICHEC Simulation and Optimization on Gasification Process for Hydrogen (H2) Fuel Production by Microalgae Biomass Hamed Ghods, Amir Heydarinasab, Tayebe Bagheri Lotfabad Conditional Accept (Poster)
122 1109-ICHEC Simulation of syngas production through chemical looping reforming process in a packed bed reactor Arash Gheidi, Habib Alebrahim dehkordi, ahmad alavimanesh Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
123 1690-ICHEC Simultaneous Multiphase Flow Characterization and Component Fingerprinting بهرام حدادی, Christian Jordan, Paul Ecker, Michael Harasek Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
124 1395-ICHEC Solar-driven Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO/Carbon/g-C3N4 Nanofibers Amene Naseri, Morasae Samadi, Ali Pourjavadi, Seeram Ramakrishna, ali reza moshfegh Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
125 1057-ICHEC Sono-Hydrothermal Fabrication of Ag-Decorated Plasmonic Shaped AgVO3 for Photocatalytic Degradation of Tetracycline Maryam Shabani, Mohammad Haghighi, Amir Haghighi Conditional Accept (Poster)
126 1362-ICHEC Starch-based edible nanocomposite films for intelligent food packaging Narges Shahgholian-Ghahfarrokhi, seyed mohammad mohammadi sadati, Jamshid Mohammadiroshandeh, Mohsen Shahrousvand Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
127 1287-ICHEC Structural changes of PEG assisted 1-butyl 3-methylimidazolium chloride pretreated sugar cane bagasse for enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis Niloofar Nasirpour, seyyed mohammd Mousavi Conditional Accept (Poster)
128 1167-ICHEC Structure Properties Relationship of a Novel Bulky Polysulfone as Proton Exchange Membrane for Fuel Cell Application Maryam Mohammadi, Shahram Mehdipour Ataei Conditional Accept (Poster)
129 1586-ICHEC Study of Physical and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene-TiO2 Nanotube Nano composites FERIAL NOSRATI NIA, Pantea Khatibi, Iraj Naser Conditional Accept (Poster)
130 1078-ICHEC Sunlight Response AgClxBr1-x via Facile Ultrasound Fabrication: Enhanced Hetero-Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyed Contaminant Nazanin Mikaeeli, Mohammad Haghighi, Esmaeil Fatehifar, Maryam Shabani Conditional Accept (Poster)
131 1257-ICHEC Support effect on the catalytic activity of NiMo catalysts during the hydrodesulfurization of thiophene and dibenzothiophene Reza Khoshbin, Roya Hamidi, Ramin Karimzadeh Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
132 1354-ICHEC Surface modification of polyethersulfone membrane and immobilization of carboxymethylcellulose for biomedical applications Vahid Hoseinpour, Saba Mahmoodpour, Zahra Shariatinia Conditional Accept (Poster)
133 1283-ICHEC Surface properties characterization of Al2O3 nanocomposites by atomic force microscopy Mehdi Hatami, Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah, Morteza Madadi Asl, Manzar Mahmoudian, Zohreh Seyfi Najaf Abadi Conditional Accept (Poster)
134 1466-ICHEC Synthesis and characterization of carboxylic acid and iodine end functional polymers by reverse iodine transfer polymerization Seayedeh Mahboubeh Razavi, Mahdi Abdollahi Conditional Accept (Poster)
135 1681-ICHEC Synthesis and Characterization of Cerium Oxide Loaded ZnO for Biodiesel Production Neda Vardast, Mohammad Haghighi, Behzad Ebadinezhad Conditional Accept (Poster)
136 1237-ICHEC synthesis and characterization of microencapsulated phase change materials by using the sol-gel method Mahya Nikoonahad, seyed mojtaba sadrameli, seyed amirhossein seyed mousavi, mohammad mehrali Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
137 1242-ICHEC Synthesis and characterization of nano-porous silica aerogel by applying a novel supercritical drying system zahra niazi, Hamed Banani fard, Mahdi Etemadi, mohsen ashjari Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
138 1408-ICHEC Synthesis and Evaluation of non-Precious Metal- Carbon Nanocomposite Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Nastaran Nozarian, Soosan Rowshanzamir, Mohammad Javad Parnian, Foad Mehri Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
139 1644-ICHEC Synthesis and Evaluation of non-Precious Metal-Carbon Nanocomposite Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Nastaran Nozarian, Soosan Rowshanzamir, Mohammad Javad Parnian, Foad Mehri Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
140 1569-ICHEC Synthesis of alginate coated chitosan nanogel and surface tension measurement of their aqueous solution Mahyar Hesan, Hamid Ghoroobi, Marzieh Lotfi, Adeleh Gholipour-Kanani Conditional Accept (Poster)
141 1218-ICHEC Synthesis of dicetyl peroxydicarbonate of high assay in microreactorby using response surface methodology Neda Ala , Faramarz Afshar Taromi, morteza ebrahimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
142 1072-ICHEC Synthesis of Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) Nanoparticles using Supercritical Water Morteza Golmohammadi, Amin Esmaeili Conditional Accept (Poster)
143 1461-ICHEC Synthesis of Montmorillonite amphiphilic acrylamide-acrylic acid nanogel parisa panahi, Saied Nouri Khorasani, Rasoul Esmaeely Neisiany Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
144 1568-ICHEC synthesis of xanthan gum-alginate/montmorillonite composite for the removal of malachite green (MG) from aqueous solution Mehdi Rahmani, ahmad dadvand koohi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
145 1000-ICHEC The corresponding authors of those manuscripts with university or research center affiliations must be faculty members. مدیر اجرایی, Maryam Mirarefin Conditional Accept (Poster)
146 1014-ICHEC The Effect of Addition Method of Impregnation Solution on Catalytic Properties of Pd-Ag/Al2O3 catalyst Maryam Takht Ravanchi, Saeed Sahebdelfar, Maryam Rahimi Fard, Hadi Moosavi Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
147 1629-ICHEC The effect of covalently modification of montmorillonite by 3-glycidoxy propyl trimethoxysilane on its dispersibility in TPU/MMT nanocomposite Hassan Fattahi, Maryamsadat Ahadinejad, mehrzad mortezaei Conditional Accept (Poster)
148 1043-ICHEC The effect of drying step on the performance of Pt-Sn-K/γ-Al2O3 propane dehydrogenation catalyst Farnaz Tahriri Zangeneh, Saeed Sahebdelfar, abbas taeb Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
149 1329-ICHEC The effect of electrospinning parameters and addition of zeolite nanoparticles on morphology and properties of PES nanofibers Zahra Estedlali, Abdolreza Aroujalian, Parisa Salimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
150 1069-ICHEC The effect of fatty acids in fuel characteristics of biodiesel Seyyedeh Faezeh Mirab, Payam Parvasi, Seyyed Mohammad Jokar Conditional Accept (Poster)
151 1126-ICHEC The Effect of Fumed Silica Nanoparticles on the Drag Reduction of Air-Water Interface Elmira Hamdollahi, Marzieh Lotfi, Azadeh Hemmati, Zahra Rahnavard Conditional Accept (Poster)
152 1229-ICHEC The effect of graphene oxide nanoparticle as an additive on the equilibrium curve of aqueous two-phase systems containing polyethylene glycol 6000 and sodium tartrate Zahra Shadmand, Parsa Movahedi, Javad Rahbar Shahrouzi Conditional Accept (Poster)
153 1441-ICHEC The effect of octylated diphenylamine and Irganox 1520 antioxidants on the stability of polybutadiene rubber Saeed Bakhtiari, Peiman Tarabkhah Conditional Accept (Poster)
154 1217-ICHEC The effects of a range of additives on thermal stability of a common rotational molding grade of polyethylene produced using a titanium-based Z-N catalyst Ahmad Ahmadifar, Seyed Hamed Mahdaviani, Davood Soudbar Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
155 1429-ICHEC The experimental study of the heat transfer using an ionic liquid as in a micro heat exchanger Arsalan Parvareh, Khatereh Darabi Conditional Accept (Poster)
156 1060-ICHEC The influence of catalyst deactivation on product distribution in methanol to olefins over ZSM-5 catalysts Saeed Sahebdelfar, Fereydoon Yaripour, Solmaz Shifteh, Soheila Rajabi, Parisa Moghimpour Bijani Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
157 1006-ICHEC The kinetic of thermal degradation of poly styrene-co-acrylonitrile (SAN) /OMT nanocomposites using Flynn Wall Ozawa method Hamidreza Azimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
158 1003-ICHEC The measurement of n-hexane solubility and diffusivity in Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and poly styrene-co-acrylonitrile (SAN) via our designed chamber Hamidreza Azimi Conditional Accept (Poster)
159 1025-ICHEC The New Experimental Validation of a Rigorous Absorber and Desorber Thermodynamic Model for CO2 Capturing by Mono-Ethanol Amine (MEA) Hamid Reza Kalatjari, Mohamad Reza Jafari Nasr, Ali Haghtalab, Amir Heidarinasab Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
160 1438-ICHEC The photocatalyst coating methods on surface of reactors for degradation of pollutants leila feyzi khezerlu, نادر راحمی, سمیه اللهیاری Conditional Accept (Poster)
161 1195-ICHEC Thermal performance of a eutectic mixture of palmitic and stearic acids impregnated in kaolin used as a phase change material Mahdi Jafaripour, Seyed Mojtaba Sadrameli, seyed amirhossein seyed mousavi, Hasan Pahlavanzadeh, Zahra Atlasbaf Conditional Accept (Poster)
162 1786-ICHEC Thermal simulation of distribution transformers for energy optimization and higher efficiency Iman Keshavarzian, Amin Kazemi-Beydokhti, Navid Ghalenoie Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
163 1344-ICHEC Thermodynamic and kinetic Experimental Study of CO2 Gas Hydrate Formation in the Presence of Cyclopentane and Silica Nano Fluids Ali Haghtalab, Farhad Fakhimzadeh, Soheil Zebardast Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
164 1168-ICHEC Thermodynamic modeling of interfacial tension between DI water and model oil by cubic-plus association (CPA) EoS Negahdar Hosseinpour, Mahmoud Abdi Ghassem Kheili Conditional Accept (Poster)
165 1044-ICHEC Thermodynamic modelling of dissociation temperatures of Carbon dioxide hydrates in the presence of Acetone Jafar Javanmardi, Sadegh Khorrami, Mohammadnabi Tavakolian Conditional Accept (Poster)
166 1250-ICHEC Two-Phase Modeling of Ethylene Polymerization in an Industrial Fluidized Bed Reactor Under Condense Mode Operation Saeid Atashrouz, Mohammad Rahmani, Zahra Balzadeh, Joao Soares, Bahram Nasernejad Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)
167 1077-ICHEC Ultrasound-Assisted Design of Narrow-Band Gap Ag/Ag2CrO4 vs. CeO2 Nanophotocatalyst for Remediation of RhB and AO7 under Sunlight Fatemeh Chapari, Mohammad Haghighi, Esmaeil Fatehifar, Maryam Shabani Conditional Accept (Poster)
168 1477-ICHEC Viscometric study of chitosan degradation in organic acid solvents Mojtaba Koosha, Morteza Esfandiari, chi hong, Tianduo Li Conditional Accept (Poster)
169 1152-ICHEC Wet-spinning assembly of polyacrilonitrile/non-solvent reinforced fibers with improved structural order and mechanical properties Mohammad Mahdi Abolhasani, Ehsan Samimi, Shahram Arbab Conditional Accept (Oral Presentation)