Heat Integration and Pinch Analysis of Steam Power Plant of Khorasan Petrochemical Complex
Chemical Engineering Department, Hakim Sabzevari University
Due to increasing need for energy in the world and the real need of countries to provide energy, optimization of energy production units is a cost-effective and sometimes vital task. In this project, the pinch analysis method has been used as a systematic method for thermal integration of a steam power plant with a capacity of 24 MW at Khorasan Petrochemical Complex (Bojnourd). First, the mass balance around all the equipment of the power plant was carefully performed and compared with the design and operational data of the unit. Then, data were analyzed using Aspen Energy Analyzer (AEA) software and composite curves were evaluated. According to the software results, some energy passes through the pinch point. New design proposed by the software can not be operational due to technical difficulties.