Enhancement of Nutrient Removal by A Hybrid Five-Stage Bardenpho and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Process
1chemical engineering department, Isfahan university of technology
2Biochemocal and Bioenvironmental Research Center (BBRC), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
In this paper, an experiment campaign was accomplished on a 5-stage Bardenpho combined with MBBR system. The objective of this study was to assess and evaluate the performance and capability of the hybrid 5-stage Bardenpho-MBBR process in terms of enhanced organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal at different hydraulic retention time (HRT) and nitrate recycle ratio (R) values. The removal efficiencies were satisfactory at total HRT of 15.74 hour (anaerobic HRT of 2, first anoxic HRT of 4, first aerobic HRT of 6, second anoxic HRT of 2.67 and second aerobic HRT of 1.07 hour) and R=2 with average removal efficiencies of 98.2 %, 92.54 %, 94.7 % and 96.5 % for total COD, TN, TP and ammonium, respectively. The proposed system was acknowledged to be an appropriate enhanced biological nutrient removal process for wastewater treatment plants owing to adequately high nutrient removal efficiencies despite of comparatively short HRT and low R ratio.