Effect of cut on n-heptane/benzene mixture separation by liquid thermal diffusion column
1دانشگاه اراک
2Nuclear fuel cycle research, iran atomic energy organization.
3Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
4Isfahan University of technology
In this article, numerical simulations are performed to investigate the performance of the thermal diffusion column for the separation of n-heptane/benzene mixture. In order to obtain the hydrodynamic and temperature and mass distribution inside thermal diffusion column, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method is applied as a robust approach to solve the Navier-Stocks equations. Numerical simulations are conducted to study the main parameters in both stationary and time-dependent conditions. By using the separation work unit as a function of cut, the optimal cut for maximum SWU occurs within a limited range of 0.47-0.5 for feed rate between 0.5 to 4 g/min.