Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Aqueous Mixtures of Diisopropanolamine and L-Lysine
chemical engineering, chemical engineering, process design, Tarbiat modares university, Tehran, Iran
The natural gas is contaminated with several impurities such as H2S and CO2 that forms an acidic solution in the presence of water. These acid gases should be removed from natural gas because they destroy process equipment and transportation lines; pollute the environment; and reduce heating value of natural gas. In the present study, the new experimental data were measured for the solubility of CO2 in the aqueous mixtures of (DIPA + LL) with total concentration of 40 wt.% of alkanolamine and amino acid at 328.15, 343.15 K and pressure 1–40 bar. It was found that these blend solutions have a better performance than pure DIPA. In conclusion, L-Lys is a promising additive for DIPA to apply in the separation of CO2 from gas streams.