Optimization of acid gas enrichment section by using TSWEET process simulator
bushehr petrochemical company
An acid gas enrichment (AGE) section in a sulfur recovery unit (SRU) helps to increase the efficiency of unit and decrease the size of equipment. Usually, there is a tail gas treatment (TGT) section to enhance the efficiency of SRU, but this section is started after AGE and claus section. So, process group need to know optimum operation parameters before normalizing the conditions in AGE and claus section that designer has not provided any information about it in gas sweetening plant of bushehr petrochemical complex. To this aim, TSWEET process simulator has been employed for the AGE unit simulation in rate based method while the TGT section is not in service. In this paper, optimum tray for lean amine to absorber, flow rate of amine and the require duty for regeneration of rich amine have been investigated. The results show that the optimum feed tray is tray No.14 and the best flow rate of amine is 421 ton/hr.